Friday, September 26, 2008

Android Market's website

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The hype is still high after the announcement of the T-Mobile G1 as more and more people are eager to get their hands on the phone.

On Android Market's official website, you can already access few pictures of how some third-part applications will look and work. These are only firsts of many that will follow on Android Market.

More interestingly perhaps is that you can also read the Android developers blog (check out also our RSS feed right there in the sidebar). Blogs have become a true source of information and the Android developers blog is no exception. Recently, they have announced the release of the Android SDK 1.0 version.

The 1.0 SDK (available here )will get apps developpers ready for the launch of the G1 and ensure maximum compatibility with the Android Market Beta. Dan Morril, the post's author, also ensures that with the SDK all the apps will be fully compatible with the G1 and that developpers won't have to rewrite their app's code every time the SDK is updated.

Besides this, he's announcing that a second Android Developper Challenge is underway, so that's one thing we'll definetely keep an eye on!

Check out this video of the Android emulator available from the previous SDK:

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LarryTeck said...

G1 rocks really! can't wait to fiddle with it and all these apps!