Thursday, October 23, 2008

Android Market opened

Image representing Android as depicted in Crun...The Android Market has opened its gates and Eric Chu, one of the Android's developer has outlined on how the whole thing works.

The market is opened for downloads and there already are around 50 apps available with many more to come. Developers from next Monday (October 27th) will be able to publish their apps on the market. To upload their apps; developers will have to pay a one time application fee of 25$.

More interestingly is the fact that developers will be able to distribute paid apps, early 2009. They get 70% of the revenue from each download and the rest goes to carriers and billing fees. Eric Chu is keen on saying that Google does not touch a dime.

Having paid apps on Android Market will benefit companies like EA which declared their interest for the platform but were still waiting on seeing if they could distribute paid apps. Don't be surprised to see a Fifa or NBA live landing on Android real soon.

There is also an official website for the Android Market: on which you can view a showcase of all the apps already available, like imeem mobile or shazam or even Namco's original Pacman.

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