Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Android, a true music fan

Image representing Android (mobile device plat...Music on Android will be fun as the Android app Market welcomes two cool new music apps, while the G1 is one day away from its official launch.

The first one is called Imeem Mobile and is a music jukebox you can take anywhere with you to listen to your favorite songs. It exactly is a music social-networking app offering free music streaming and to share playlist with your friends.

Says CEO Dalton Caldwell:

"We look at what the most popular songs are across imeem, and in real time populate them to be available on mobile. The catalog is a literal representation of what the community finds most interesting at different times. So the songs available change daily as tastes change."

You can specifically search by artist or let the app create a playlist around that artist. All the usual controls are here, allowing to pause, skip to another song or buy it through Amazon music store. It all looks very smooth and the reception in wiffi is spotless.

Here's more with a review video of Imeem:

The second app is the one that many iPhone users will only know too well: Shazam. You're walking down the street, you hear a song and you are desperate to find who sings it.

Well, Shazam will take care of that for you. Open the app, let it listen to the song and in no time it will come up with the song's name, artist, cover and the album it was featured in. It will also provide links to related videoclips on youtube, or check the artist's MySpace or buy it through the Amazon Music Store.

I tried the app myself before (ok I admit it, it was the iPhone version) and it was working like a charm! It was actually working so well, that you find yourself stopping at all the songs on the radio to test this little app, and so far so good!

And here's a review of Shazam on Android:

Be sure to check out for these two cool apps when you get your G1 in a few hours.

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