Thursday, October 9, 2008

Glu sticks to Android with Bonsai Blast

Image representing glu as depicted in CrunchBaseGlu mobile, a leader in mobile gaming, just announced their first and exclusive title for Android. Bonsai Blast is a a puzzle game which will have the player to throw and associate different coloured bubbles together.

The game will use both the touchscreen and the accelerometer as well to allow more frantic action. It will also feature over 30 different levels axed around the 4 spirits of nature: eartth, wind, fire and water. Glu insists on the gameplay, promising it will offer many possibilities like different shooting positions.

Alex Galvagni, Glu's CTO, believes the association with Android allows them "to bring to consumers a new and formidable gaming experience."

Glu Mobile has worked on many titles, often for big gaming brands like Sega or Activision or for big Licenses like The Dark Knight.

Shame we don't have any screenshots yet to show you that what will be a crazed colourful game but check out their official website here.

On a similar note, talking about video games and bonsai (oh sweet Japan), let us remind you that if you are a gaming enthusiast, one of the biggest gaming show, the Tokyo Game Show, is taking place right now in, ermmm, Tokyo and it will be pretty exciting this year. Official website here and Good game!

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