Tuesday, October 28, 2008

JOYity on Android, a new gaming experience

Gaming on mobiles has mainly been a solo experience but JOYity has brought social gaming to Android in a unique way. The app uses the GPS to locate players and play with them adventures in the real world.

The game, developped by German company Zelfi, offers three separate game modes, YouCatch, Roads of San Francisco and City Race Munich. You can also design your own game.

YouCatch is a sort of manhunt game where the last man standing wins and in which close to each others players sign up. You are both the hunter and the hunted as while you are assigned a target, you also become a target for another player. When you are 25feet away from your target, just hit the scrollbar to make the kill, baring in mind that each time you do so, your location is flashed on the map.

Roads of San Francisco is more of a scavenger hunt, in which several players follow a storyline and a series of indication.

There are no better explanations than watching all of this in motion, so check out these two vids below. The first one is a demo of the Roads of San Francisco mode by Appvee and the second shows a game of YouCatch, still by Appvee.

Roads of San Francisco demo

YouCatch demo

Oh boy, we hope you enjoyed these videos because we sure did!

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