Friday, October 3, 2008

Search has never been easier

Image representing Android as depicted in Crun...On Google Mobile official blog, Andy Stadler, a software engineer, gives the latest on how search will work on Android. Google's reputation has been heavily built on its searching services and with Android, it looks easier than ever.

You have several ways to start a search, either use the web browser or the homepage widget or more specifically to the G1, tap the dedicated search button. It is fairly simple and avoids much typing, a definite plus on mobiles. Google are definitely aware that typing on a touchscreen is not the easiest or the funniest task and that is why they introduce predictive search.

Start typing a word and Google search will automatically make suggestions for you to directly select from a list what you want. It's simple, easy and soon to be essential to any searching services on mobiles.

But searching on Android is also shared by other apps! Take Youtube for example. Start a search and all similar previous queries you have made will be suggested to you so you can easily access previously watched content. Behind this rather simplistic example, it also shows how integrated to other apps the search service will be.

According to MocoNews' article, apps like the musicplayer will use the web browser or even youtube to search more infos on a specific track, album or artist. This gets us to start dreaming on the many possibilities this will allow! Launch a search on your contact and he will appear on google map via GPS, for example! Possibilities are endless and Google are definetly bringing in a suitable fashion for mobiles, the best of their experience in internet search.

Check out the presentation video on Google search on Android:

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