Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tips, tips for your little droid

Image representing Android (mobile device plat...The T-Mobile G1 has just hit the stores but many specialised websites offers many different little tips to get the best out of your Android phone.

Two very useful tips come to us thanks to livecrunch, and the first one is about installing non-Market applications.

To achieve this, it's fairly straightforward. Go to Settings, then application and checkmark Unknown-Resources to access non-Market apps.

However, let us remind, like livecrunch, that if your phone starts giving you errors, you can reset it. It will remove all your apps but keep your pics and music.

To do a reset, follow these:

Slide open keyboard

Press Alt and L at the same time you will get a screen with some options listed

Press Alt and W at the same time to wipe device to factory reset

Once it is finished press home and back key at the same tim

Remove the battery

Reinsert the battery

This will wipe your device to factory reset and should fix your issue… You will need to log in to your gmail account like you initially did.

The internet will soon spring with many more cool tips like these.

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