Saturday, March 28, 2009

Find Tariffs Samsung to launch Omnia HD with Android?

Windows Mobile on touchscreen phones is painful to use at times which is why it comes as no surprise that Samsung may be offering Omnia HD buyers the choice between Windows Mobile and Google's Android operating system - take that, Microsoft.

According to, consumers may have the choice between an Omnia HD running Windows Mobile or Android. When the new Omnia was first announced it was running windows mobile 5, which Samsung decided to ditch in favour of the Symbian platform. But it appears that Samsung's heart has changed again.

During the wait for Windows Mobile 6.5, Samsung has examined Android and it is rumoured that they are looking at releasing several Omnia HD variants, some of which will be running Symbian, others running Android. Whilst this could confuse some users when they make the decision to buy the phone, we welcome the fact that such a large manufacturer is handing choice down to the consumer.

It's certainly an exciting time for the Android platform. Following the success of the G1 and the forthcoming HTC Magic, this means we could get an Android phone with full five megapixel camera, great display and integrated keypad in the coming months. Combine Android with the first phone capable of recording HD video and you have a combination that gets us very excited indeed!


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