Wednesday, March 18, 2009

HTC CEO: 'At Least Three' More Android Phones This Year

HTC is surely one company that has placed its bets on Android. HTC CEO Peter Chou recently said that the company plans to release at least three more phones running onGoogle (NSDQ: GOOG)'s Android platform in 2009.

HTC has got Google's back with respect to Android. Though a half dozen firms have publicly stated their intent to release Android-powered handsets, HTC is the only one that has actually done it. Not only that, it showed off a second Android phone recently at Mobile World Congress. If you thought the Magic was going to be HTC's only Android phone in 2009, there's good news.

Citing HTC CEO Peter Chou, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that HTC plans to release three more Android phones this year.

HTC is apparently pleased with the relative success of the G1, which has sold more than one million units worldwide. The HTC Magic is set to debut onVodafone (NYSE: VOD)'s network later this year. Given its radio configuration, it is possible that HTC will release a version of the Magic for U.S. networks, though that isn't confirmed.

More than the G1 and the Magic, HTC is working on other devices, but Chou didn't elaborate on what types of devices, nor when we can expect to see them available for sale. Even so, the news that more Android phones are in the works is a positive sign.

Aside from more Android phones, HTC is planning a strong push into the Chinese market this year, and will release up to 20 new smartphones in 2009. That's a lot of new phones, nearly two per month.

HTC has set the stage for a lot of growth this year. Hopefully the down economy doesn't get in the way.


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