Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Android G1 Phone Users Want Apps More Than iPhone Owners

T-Mobile USA verified this week that G1 Android phone owners downloaded on average more than 40 applications while iPhone users averaged 37.

This may not necessarily be a good thing as it could mean several apps were downloaded then shortly uninstalled or ignored.

Regardless it verifies life in the Android Market as GigaOM provides further G1 stats from Robert Dotson, chief executive of T-Mobile USA, who delivered a keynote speech this week at CTIA in Las Vegas:

Approximately 1.5 million G1s were ordered since October 2008
Customers purchasing a G1 from T-Mobile were trading up from a basic handset 50% of the time
50% of the G1 customers access Wi-Fi daily
80% of G1 owners browse the web at least once a day
80% of the people owning a G1 download an Android application at least once a week
The vast majority of T-Mobile G1 owners use Facebook and YouTube at least once a week
This all leads to the average G1 T-Mobile customer consuming 50 times the data vs the average voice-centric phone user
So on this FrAppDay Friday here are some new Android apps to increase your data usage:

Retro Defense is one of the best Android Games with an Awesome UI! Think tower defense game meets retro neon graphics meets Android. Price: Free, $4.99
Documents To Go offers the ability to View and Edit Microsoft Word & Excel files on your Android phone. Price: Limited Time $19.99 (Regular: $29.99)
Missed Call is great for notifying you of missed or incoming phone events such as Calls, SMS text, BlueTooth, Calendar and Application services. You can configure the app to notify you based on LED color, Vibration, Sound, etc. Price: Free
Wuzzle is an Android Word Game that mixes features from popular board games like Boggle and Scrabble in solving word puzzles. The UI is great and offers several playing modes; Open, playing Online and Progressive (the latter offering even more challenge). Price: Free, $1.99
Sweeter Home is another Android Home or Desktop customization app that offers deeper levels of user customization. Price: Free

Source: http://www.googleandblog.com/g1-users-want-more-apps-than-iphone/3876/

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