Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Google's CEO Predicts Strong Year for Android

Google CEO Eric Schmidt on Thursday predicted good times ahead for Android, the company's mobile phone OS and software.

"Overall, it looks like Android is going to have a very strong year," he said during the company's first quarter investors' conference.

New announcements of Android-related products and partnerships with mobile phone service providers and device makers will be "quite significant" this year, he said.

One new area for Android will be in netbooks, the mini-laptops that have become popular over the past year.

Companies have started putting Android into netbooks and other mobile Internet devices largely on their own, not at Google's prodding, he said.

Taiwan's Asustek Computer, which pioneered commercial netbooks, is rumored to be working on an Eee PC netbook that uses Android as its OS, while other Taiwanese companies are also reportedly developing such products.

Android could become the first real challenger to Microsoft's Windows XP in netbooks.

Chip giant Intel expects Microsoft to release at least two versions of its new OS, Windows 7, for netbooks later this year.

High Tech Computer (HTC), of Taipei, developed the first smartphone around Android, the T-Mobile G1, or as HTC calls it, the Dream.

Source: http://tech.yahoo.com/news/pcworld/20090417/tc_pcworld/googlesceopredictsstrongyearforandroid


Disyboy said...

...also interesting to note that China Mobile, with its 477 million subs will cooperate with Dell to promote two smart phones based on Android ...

Apr. 15, 2009 (China Knowledge) - China Mobile Ltd, the country's
largest telecom operator, will cooperate with global PC giant Dell Inc to
promote two smart phones in the world's largest handset market by users, sources

The two smart phone models will be based on China Mobile's Open Mobile System
(OMS), which is powered by Android of Google Inc. One will run the side-sliding
model with QWERTY keyboard, and the other one will have a big touch screen.

China Mobile has been testing the two models in its labs and it has not decided when to launch the products.

Taiwan-based Acer Inc, the world's third-largest PC brand, said last week that it would introduce its mobile smart phone to the Chinese mainland as part of its
expansion strategy.

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disyboy said...

... and it will be called the Ophone by the way ;-)

China Mobile to launch Android phones: an iPhone-like smartphone, the Ophone, is set to compete with the iPhone slated for launch by China Unicom in June, the Commercial Times reports. China Mobile will outsource production of the Ophone to Lenovo and LG Electronics (LGE) initially, using chipset solutions most likely from Taiwan-based MediaTek, the paper said, adding that the Ophone will run on China Mobile's in-house developed Android-based open mobile system (OMS).(DigiTimes)