Monday, September 29, 2008

Android shakes it up

Alternate logo.After last week's presentation of the first Android phone, many brands seem to now consider it's time to step up for an Android push.

Motorola, for example, seem pretty confident in Android's potential as one of their Android team's developper announced that they will expand their team going from 50 to 350 developpers (click here for the article).

The article most interesting news though concerns Nokia. Nokia who now own Symbian, the OS that powers all their S60 phones, could also have their own Android team. Since Nokia have their own OS, this could simply be for competitive reasons but imagining an Android powered Nokia phone is not that foolish, especially if Android proves to be a serious challenger on the mobiles market.

On another article by reghardware, this time, it's Sony Ericsson that are rumoured to be more than interested in Android. Dick Komiyama, President of Sony Ericsson, said at a summit in Sweden that not only SE are interested in Android but that they should "look at this application". Komiyama was quick though to remind that SE are only studying their options and that they were not in a position to develop an Android phone at the moment.

It's one for the future, we guess but there is definitely a true buzz among phone manufacturers around Android.

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