Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wizzard mobile from NTT DoCoMo

TOKYO - JANUARY 16: A Model displays the world...Japan is surely the geek's ultimate heaven and true, this has nothing to do with Android but check out what Japanese mobile company, NTT DoCoMo have been up to.

Behind the barbaric name: "handy separating mobile phone", they presented at the CEATEC 2008 event a prototype of a phone you can actually cut in half, one part being a touch screen and the other featuring a mobile keyboard. Basically, the two parts of the phone are linked with magnets and bluetooth connection, and enables you to do two things at once!

For example, you can call with one half and message a friend or check your address book with the other half. The prototype was created by Fujitsu to bring new ideas on how to use mobile phones. The phone may hit the stores next year but untill then, you can always relieve your curiosity by checking out the presentation video:

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