Friday, October 24, 2008

Android Market day one stats

Image representing Android (mobile device plat...For those big numbers lovers, stats for Android Market's first day have been released by Medialets.

First, in comparison to the first 24hours of the iPhone App store, there are several similiraties according to Medialets:
  • Both users play games
  • They know their music
  • They both shop
  • they share the same curiosity about the weather
For the first day of Android Market, 62 apps were made available, all for free. That's 10% less than on the App Store's first day but keep in mind that Apple also made available paid apps immediately, something that will only come in 2009 first quarter for Android Market.

About apps downloading, the most speaking stats are:
  • Each app was downloaded at least 7, 800 times
  • Nine apps reached the 10,000-50,000 download range
Picture from Medialets

When seeing in which categories those nine most downloaded apps are, it is easy to see that Android and iPhone users have similar taste. Games prove to be very popular once more, with three apps making the most downloaded chart.

These stats, however interesting or encouraging they might be, should not rush to any conclusion. They only relate to the first 24hours of Android Market and it only proves one thing, app downloading on mobiles are becoming a big thing and it will contribute substantially to the phone's success.

If you want more numbers, satisfy your hunger here with the original article. Enjoy!
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