Thursday, October 23, 2008

First T-Mobile's G1 TV commercial

Image representing Android as depicted in Crun...The T-Mobile G1 being the first Android powered phone, we were expecting a big ad push from T-Mobile and it is coming.

The promotion of Android was mainly done through informative videos from Google but T-Mobile is now ready to launch a full campaign.

According to T-Mobile’s marketing head Denny Marie Post in an interview with WSJ, T-Mobile will roll out a tv spot based on the idea that "curiosity is everywhere". The TV spot will be aired this week and will build up over the next weeks.

About Goole, Post said the entire ad strategy lies with T-Mobile, Google, a"nontraditional marketer" will only ensure their company is represented fairly.

Post when she was asked if the G1 could generate as much buzz as the iPhone, also said:
“More than the device, it’s opening the door to the open platform. And I think that’s where the news is going to come from. I think we've taken our own path here."
But enough bla bla and here's what you are waiting for, the first tv commercial for the T-Mobile G1:

When you think that exactly a month ago on September 23rd, Google released the first promotional videos of the G1 and it has now become a reality. For old days' sake, here's one of these promo videos from Google.

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