Friday, October 10, 2008

Mobile internet, strong potential in need

To continue on a serious note, French newspaper Le Point have also an interesting feature (for French readers click here) on mobile internet.

According to a research study on mobile internet done by the research group Idate, mobile internet is full of potential but it is also still in need to a concrete push.Vincent Bonneau, responsible for internet services at Idate, said that the mobile internet market is developing fast when it comes to offers, even if they are not totally adequate yet.

However, real usages are still "modest" and this is due to several technical issues like long page loading, a lack of compatibility between devices and also the fact that access to mobile internet is not always made easy.

Vincent Bonneau also argues that mobile internet development will be slow mainly because of inadequate services and a lack of advertisement but will grow gradually.

Idate is prediciting that by 2011 to 2012, 40% to 45% mobile users will surf the internet with their phones. Our bet here is that with new challenges like Android and mobile dedicated apps like Buddymob, it will get users to access the internet like on their computer but with their mobile with the specific adequate services that come with it.

On a similar note, internet access is becoming easier especially with smartphones which have dedicated web browser like Google Chrome Lite, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mini Opera and soon the mobile Mozilla Firefox.

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