Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palm should go Android

Image representing Palm as depicted in CrunchBaseTimes are rough and this is especially true to smartphone maker Palm. Palm were almost the first to kick-start the smartphone era but have long lost the market to new comers like Apple's iPhone or RIM's Blackberry.

Fortune, a CNN blog, asks this very interesting question: why doesn't Palm join the Android train.

As we saw in previous posts, Android is on everyone's lips and this would not be a bold move from Palm.
Palm have not yet released their Linux-based OS, only due to be out in 9 months. Besides one can wonder how would Palm really benefit from releasing their own OS when you know that Android is a free open source plateform.

This article also reviews all the changes that the smartphone market has encountered with the arrival of appealing brands like Nokia, Google, Apple and so on!
Who knows? Maybe one of those big decision-makers at Palm will also have a curious look at this!

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