Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Touch me!

Let's get a bit serious with some stats! Mobile Tech news has an interesting article on touchscreen mobiles and their increasing success.

According to a recent market research from Strategy Analytics , touchscreen mobiles' sales will reach 90 million units worldwide.

This is not really a surprise as 2009 seems to be the year for touchscreen mobiles.
Apple will build up on the iPhone success story, the new Windows Mobile 7, due to be out in 2009, will also be dedicated to exclusive finger usage and of course there is the arrival of Google's Android which was also designed for such mobiles.

Besides that, big brand names like Nokia (check the Tube) or RIM (check the Blackberry Thunder) have also announced their first touchscreens devices.

Competition is sure to be fierce and we can only hope that it will benefit everybody with plenty of cool phones and apps!

Meanwhile, after the first phone's leaked pictures before the the official presentation, the leaked user manual, TmoNews have first leaked pictures of the T-Mobile G1 unboxing. No doubts, it is coming home real soon now!

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