Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Twit, play the guitard, cook or go clubbing with Android

Image representing Android (mobile device plat...It's often when you are not looking for anything specific that you come across interesting encounters. Android Market is no exception to that and that's how you might have or will come across these little apps.

Twitroid is the first but probably the best Twitter app available on the market. The app is still not in its final version but it is pretty neat already. You can access your twits whenever and because the app works in the background, you can set up automatic updates. In theory, you can link your twit with a picture, either taking one on the go or attach one you already have. This feat, though has few glitches and does not work very well. The app is an essential for all twitters but you'll have to close an eye on some of the occasional crashes.

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You always wanted to learn the guitar 'cos you're sure you have it in you to be the next rockstar. Look out for SplashPlay, a guitar learning app for Android. Ok, you might not be the next Joe Satriani but thanks to this app, you will learn how to play your favorite songs on the guitar. Upload a song with the app and it will show you where and when you have to put your fingers. It becomes then just a question of following efficiently the pattern given on the screen. Simple and easy! However, as AppVee points out, it will not teach music theory, it's more of a companion that helps you play songs you choose and that's already something!

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After you have played long enough the guitar, you might reward yourself with some well-deserved nicely cooked meal but you're no genius in the kitchen. All is well as Cooking Capsule will show you everything you need to become the chef you wanted to be. Cooking Capsule is not only giving you out recipees but it will detail them in very specific ways. Once you select a recipee, you can choose between three options: watch, shop or make.

Watch gives you a guidance video of the recipee. The video is in great quality and it makes easier and funnier for you to follow the instructions.

Shop gives a full detailed listing of all the ingredients you need and also in what quantity.

Make lists all the instruction so that you can always read more thoroughly a specific step.

It truely is a clever app and if you do enjoy your cooking time, no doubts you'll be spending a lot of time in the kitchen with this little app!

Cooking Capsule review by AppVee

Right, now that you had a good meal, you find yourself wanting to go clubbing! Your G1 might just give you hand for that too. Wertigo is an app that lists all the nightlife related activities near your area. You can either register or not, knowing that if you register, you can then add friends, customize your profile, send messages or have favorites. Whether you are registered or not, you can always hit the "Go" button to look for places near you, or do a specific search applying filters to it for more precise results. If you enjoy going out, you might have found an essential friend.

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