Thursday, October 30, 2008

Welcome to the UK, dear G1

T-MobileThe T-Mobile G1, the first Android-powered phone, officially arrives in the UK today to any T-Mobile shops.

Note that the G1 over there is free and our British friends have the choice between two price plans, going from £35.

The first priceplan is called Combi, costs £35 per month and this for 18months and gives 800 minutes of voicecall to any networks and unlimited texts.

Or for those who like complete freedom over how they spend their money, they can go for the Flex priceplan. It is £40 per month, for 18months in total and gives £250 that you spend in any way you want. If one month, you mainly do texting and the other you find yourself calling a lot, this priceplan does give you the flexibility to do so. However, it is a bit like managing a budget and it can prove to be fastidious sometimes.

Please also note that both priceplans give out unlimited internet access. Check out all the infos you need on the T-Mobile UK's official website here.
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