Thursday, October 30, 2008

Unlock of a G1: done

Image representing Android (mobile device plat...We all know that the G1 is locked to T-Mobile. Well it seems it's not the case anymore. The G1 has been successfully unlocked and despite few glitches, works pretty well on other networks.

And because business is business, if you want to unlock your phone, offers that possibility for $22.99.

The unlocked phone then opens up to other networks and allows you to make the usual phone calls or send text messages.

However, according to AndroidCommunity, there are few glitches. The most notable one is that they couldn't seem to log in with their Gmail account. No login in Gmail means no Android Market either. But still according to AndroidCommunity, there are no indication this cannot be fixed as they also point out they used the network's standard settings.

For the skeptical ones, here's a video showing an unlocked G1 working on AT&T network:

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