Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Android paid applications are coming

Google's Android Market manager Eric Chu informed registered Android Market developers via email that paid applications are coming to some, but not all, Android Market segments by mid-January.
He also mentioned that new European countries will be added to the Android Market this month, but stated that paid applications will arrive later, since it takes time set up local online payment solutions.
He urged developers to take advantage of a new country targeting feature that enables them to hand-pick markets for their applications.
He also announced a new country targeting feature of Android Market scheduled for a mid-January introduction on a dedicated Android Market publisher website.
As a result, the company will delay the paid applications launch in new territories where Android Market is set to become available with free downloads within two weeks, which includes Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and The Netherlands.
In November, Apple said users had downloaded more than 300 million applications from the App Store.

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