Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reports claim Motorola shifting smartphone focus to Android

Motorola is shifting the focus of its smartphone development to Google's Android platform, according to reportscirculating online. The main loser would be Microsoft's Windows Mobile platform, if the reports are true.

In itself, that's not surprising news. Last September there were reports that Moto was looking to throw a team of up to 350 people at Android to make the most of the platform.

The reports also claim that Motorola may only release a dozen handsets a year from now on, following a significant reduction in the company's headcount - with 1,900 jobs to go, and more cuts rumoured.

Focusing on Android may make sense for Motorola, but only if the handsets are good (translation: not just reheated RAZRs).

The company's handsets have been important for mobile gaming in the US in recent years, due to their considerable market share. However, in terms of actually working with the mobile games industry, Motorola has been one of the more quiet handset makers.


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