Wednesday, January 14, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: HTC To Launch New Touch Phone Says Telstra

Mobile phone Company HTC is set to launch a brand new phone touch phone that will take on the Apple iPhone and the new Pre offering from Palm claims a senior executive of Telstra.
The new touch phone has been developed using a combination of the Google Android operating system and Linux based software written by HTC.
Executives from Telstra who had met with Palm at the CES Show in Las Vegas to review their new Pre offering said that the new phone from HTC was "better and more functional" they said.
Palm is confident that their new phone and their new WebOS will be strong contender to take on Apple and in a sign of confidence in the product the organisers of the Consumer Electronics Show has awarded Palm the best product award in the mobile phone and smartphone category.
Palm who was once a pioneer in handheld devices has been suffering hard times lately.

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