Thursday, January 15, 2009

Universal Says Mobile Is Nearly Half Of Its Digital Business; Amazon’s Biggest 3rd Party Is Android

A few interesting tidbits surfaced during an interview between Rio Caraeff, EVP of Universal Music Group’s eLabs, and CNet, that implies that mobile music may not be as far behind as some people thought.
Caraeff said that mobile makes up nearly half of revenues from its digital business and that Google’s Android operating system, which has an Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) music store built in, represents Amazon’s biggest third-party relationship ever.
At CES last week, Atlantic Records also said that mobile makes up a good chunk of its overall digital sales, but no where near half.
The scope of mobile business: In two years, Caraeff said he built a very large mobile business, in excess of $100 million, which includes a distribution network with every wireless operator and every device manufacturer.
”Amazon’s mobile music store: Caraeff said the company helped Amazon launch its music store on the Android platform “and now Amazon will tell you that Android is their single-largest source of downloads from any third-party partnership that they’ve ever done.


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