Monday, October 27, 2008

50 apps for the UK

T-MobileThe T-Mobile G1 makes its European debuts this week on Thursday October 30th and we now know that 50 apps will be available for free to download on Android Market.

That's a bit less than for the American release but some of the best apps will be there. ShopSavvy, which lets you scan a barcode to see a listing of all the prices for this particular product will make it just in time to start some Christmass shopping.

Another cool app that will be available is Shazam. It finds out a song title, album and artist for you. However, we have no seen imeem Mobile in the listings, let's hope that it will soon be available too.

Here's what Jim Hyde, CEO of T-Mobile UK, said:

"T-Mobile is committed to opening up the internet to give customers the freedom to do whatever they want online, when the internet has no boundaries it drives innovation and the T-Mobile G1 and the Android platform is designed to do just that. The open nature of Android Market has already sparked an exciting range of applications which allow customers to tailor their phone to suit their lifestyle. We're really excited to be able to offer the first 50 applications free of charge and believe the T-Mobile G1 has the potential to revolutionise the way we use and view our phones."
And here's the full listing of all the apps available for the UK release:

  • Barcode scanner
  • ShopSavvy - lists and compares all the high street and online prices
  • ComparEverywhere - scans barcode and also gives directions to local shops
  • Mandalbrot Map - map viewer
  • Krystle II - pet for your phone
  • Pocket Seismograh - follow the earth's activity with your phone's accelerometer
  • Translate - translation tool
  • Pro Football Live! - news and updates on Football
  • BreadCrumbz - User generated pictures navigation
  • e-ventr - Event organiser
  • Weather (TM) - weather app
  • Ecorio - track and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Cocktail - learn how to make cocktails
  • Cooking Capsules Taster - learn how to cook
  • Wikitude
  • AR Trav - travel guide
  • - weather app
  • Shazam - identify and purchase music
  • PicSay - input text on pictures
  • Panoramio - Pictures of touristic places n your area
  • TuneWiki - social media player
  • BlueBrush - Draw and share with friends
  • Video Player (v.01) - plays vids from your SD card
  • Photostream - browse your Flickr
  • Ringdroid - make your ringtones
  • SplashPlay - learn how to play the guitar


  • QuickList - To do notes
  • WikiMobile Encyclopedia - Wikipedia on your mobile
  • Maverick - IM client, compatible with Google Talk
  • Radar
  • Task Switcher - switch between active apps
  • Spare Parts - Android developping tool
  • Text-To-Speech Translator
  • Any Cut (v0.5) - make your own shortcuts
  • Locale - manage your phones settings based on your location
  • Contacts De-Dupper - de-duplicate your contacts
  • Shutter Speed - set up the camera with very detailed settings
  • DiskUsage - manage your SD card
  • Rings Extended - replaces standard ringtones
Games and Puzzles:
  • Pac Man - Namco
  • Metamath Solitaire
  • MisMisMatch
  • Anagrams (v0.2)
  • Slide Puzzle
  • Divide and Conquer!
  • Blackjack
  • Bubble Bash
  • Bonsai Blasts
  • Balls 2 the wall
  • Tetris Android
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